I worked on...

Cryptocurrency book
100 Content Marketing Tips Live

My first book with 100 actionable tips.

Cryptocurrency book
Cryptocurrency Investing Live

Fundamental analysis for new crypto projects.

Coding Sans
Coding Sans Live

Software development agency

Momentum Dead

Predictive viral tool for social media.

CryptoNewsTracker Dead

Customizable crypto news aggregator.

DIY Drone box
DIY Drone box Dead

E-commerce site selling drone kits.

Altcoin Fantasy
Altcoin Fantasy Done

Cryptocurrency trading simulator.

Tv Premiere Alert
TV Premiere Alert Acquired

Customized email alerts on premiere days.

Foods Dogs Can Eat
Foods Dogs Can Eat Acquired

Human foods your dogs can and can't eat.

Foods Cats Can Eat
Foods Cats Can Eat Acquired Award winning

Human foods your cats can and can't eat.

Crypto Project Name Generator
Crypto Name Generator Live

Generate hilarious crypto project names

Dofollow Link Checker
Dofollow Link Checker Live

Check if a post provides dofollow links.

Sad for no reason
Sad for No Reason Acquired

Feeling sad for no reason? Check what's wrong.

Sad for no reason
Crypto Adoption Status Dead

Tracking the adoption of blockchain technology.

Level-up Engineering Podcast
Level-up Engineering Podcast Live

Actionable management insights from tech leaders.

Learn the top 1000 words of popular languages
1000 Words Acquired

Learn the most common words of popular languages.

Meeting cost calculator
Meeting Cost Calculator Live

Meeting cost calculator and estimator.

Meeting cost calculator
Wow! What? Live

Boring stuff presented in an interesting way.

Zoom Meeting Backgrounds
Zoom Backgrounds Live

Collection of 1000+ Zoom backgrounds

Ethereum Gas Price Bot
Ethereum Gas Price Bot Live

Live Twitter updates on ETH gas price changes

DeFiRise Live

Discover the next big thing in DeFi


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